Phillip Causey, once again thank you so much for your tireless investment…

Phil, I just wanted to thank you for your genuine interest in the welfare of our son, Michael. He really enjoys being in your company and he looks up to you despite the height differential. I think the connection he has made with you is helping him overcome his feelings of loneliness. Thanks again and praying that God may bless you richly and grant you the desires of your heart.

For those of you who may be parents, siblings or spouses of someone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol or gambling my wife and I highly recommend¬† Phillip Causey’s program to help each of you begin the all important healing process within your family and chart a course of action to help you properly deal with your manipulative addicted loved one. By virtue of Phillip and Lisa’s decades of experience and their innate ability to help families find answers they have helped restore hope to many whose lives have been overcome by despair and hopelessness because of the actions of their family member under the influence and control of addiction. While attending the program you will begin to experience healing and relief from the sense of shame that has become a stranglehold in your family. You will also learn that assessing blame is a useless and unproductive exercise. In addition, you will find that your transparency with others will serve to give a fresh and honest outlook to other families who are¬† struggling to navigate through the difficulties of relating to an addict. These are just a few of the many dozens of takeaways that you will be able to immediately implement bringing sanity, clarity of thought, and peace of mind back into your life. Phillip Causey, once again thank you so much for your tireless investment of your valuable time in my son’s, my wife’s and my life. The successes that our family is experiencing we owe to you. God bless you and the wonderful ministry that you are a part of all by the grace of God. Please keep in touch. We always love hearing from you.”

Lou P.