1. Factors That Can Cause Substance Abuse

    No one wakes up one day and decides, “today, I think I’ll go get addicted to crystal meth” - which is to say that substance abuse and drug addiction are not purposeful situations that anyone actively seeks to put themselves in. Instead, addiction is a disease that insidiously works it’s way into a person’s brain and life quietly, often slowly, and roots itself deeper over time. And, as y…Read More

  2. Palm Beach’s Heroin Epidemic – Getting Help

    According to the Palm Beach Post’s “Heroin: Killer of a Generation” article series, 216 people in Palm Beach County died from a heroin-related overdose in 2015 alone. The heroin epidemic has been silently stealing away loved ones, and it’s probably not who you expect. According to the Post’s report, 95 percent of those 216 deaths were white and nearly half were 35 or under. Those who die…Read More

  3. Reflection & Spiritual Health

    "I've been doing some EMDR (look it up).  Dealing with some old trauma that is entangled with the trauma of my divorce.  Thinking about a clothing line.  It has been a good but very challenging experience as I am being pushed to unearth shit buried deep with my autobiographical implicit memory some of it is preverbal- like how 3-year-old me experienced losing attention from my parents when my B…Read More

  4. What Are Substance Abuse Behaviors?

    Are you concerned that someone you care about may be struggling with addiction? That is something serious to accuse someone of, and can create a very strained relationship if you’re making that claim falsely. Instead of jumping straight to condemnation, take the time to study your loved one’s habits and behaviors. This will give you concrete concerns to discuss with your loved one. Before you …Read More

  5. Welcome to the Family Recovery Solutions Blog!

    Addiction is a an insidious and difficult to battle disorder, for both the addict themselves and all of their family members and friends. At Family Recovery Solutions of Florida, we understand the struggles you, the family members and close friends of an addict face as you try over and over to help your loved ones battle their addiction. We know what it can be like, to feel helpless, overwhelmed, …Read More