“When my Son’s name appeared in a local newspaper in a large metropolitan city, about being car-jacked in a (drug infested neighborhood) at 3 am in the morning, most of my friends were glad he was not harmed…sadly, I knew exactly why he was in the “hood” and what he was doing. Father of an addicted Son.”

– Anonymous

I stood in the E.R., with tears streaming down my cheeks, as I saw my 20-year old Son lying in a New York hospital bed in coma from an overdose of “speed balling” (Crack Cocaine and Heroin), heart monitor flat…hearing only the “whoosh” of the ventilator, wondering if I would ever see his big beautiful blue eyes again. The attending physician in the E.R. had declared him clinically dead.

Only when I experienced enough emotional pain through failed attempts to fix my heroin addicted Sons along with my own addiction, did I look for help. I tried several 12-Step programs to find the help I needed to cope with my two Son’s addictions but it was not enough. Not until I was able to emotionally accept, not intellectually understand, who and what I was dealing with could I muster the passion and resolve to make new healthy choices for me. I discovered it was not only the best thing I could do for my Sons it was also the best thing I could do for myself.

It was then that I decided, if an opportunity ever arose, to help families with “my gift of desperation,” I would make every effort to make it happen. Soon after, I moved to South Florida, Palm Beach County, in 2007 to support my sons, who were here in treatment, and pursue my vision.

For eight years, I coordinated and out-sourced a family week recovery program in Palm Beach County at a well-known (35 years in business) drug and alcohol treatment center; working with certified, accredited, and degreed therapists, all with their own practices. During this valuable learning period, I earned my Certified Addiction Counselor certificate (CAC). With my then, 25 years clean and sober, and with my four children both in and out of recovery, it was time for me to live my purpose-driven life.

In 2015, I took the action to create and form my own business, Family Recovery Solutions Florida LLC., www.familyrecoverysolutionsflorida.com to provide answers and a solution to individuals and families who are confronted with the unacceptable behaviors of a loved one in active addiction.

My partner, Lisa Henderson, CCAR Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, joined Family Recovery Solutions Florida as the Vice President of Marketing/Social Media Director.

In response to the heroin epidemic locally and nationally, both affecting S. Florida, and us personally, we joined the Substance Abuse Awareness Coalition http://www.pbcsac.org/ , South East Recovery Advocates (S.E.F.R.A.), and are working along side the Sober Homes Task Force http://www.sa15.state.fl.us/stateattorney/SoberHomes/indexSH.htm . Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida represents an integral part of the movement to help families and individuals get their lives back who’s loved ones, are in the throes of the heroin epidemic.