Addiction is a an insidious and difficult to battle disorder, for both the addict themselves and all of their family members and friends. At Family Recovery Solutions of Florida, we understand the struggles you, the family members and close friends of an addict face as you try over and over to help your loved ones battle their addiction. We know what it can be like, to feel helpless, overwhelmed, even defeated as you try to handle the emotional backlash of loving someone as they actively struggle with drug addiction or substance abuse.

Don’t despair, and don’t let the situation overburden you; instead, let the team at Family Recovery Solutions of Florida provide you with the tools you need to help yourselves and your families heal! Be sure to stay tuned to our blog, where we will talk to the concerns you may have and the tools you need to reclaim a healthy lifestyle.


You Are Not Alone

Addiction doesn’t stop at the person struggling with substance abuse. It spreads easily to affect all the loved ones who care about the addict. Fighting against addiction in your family can be a great deal more complicated when you are not the person fighting against substance abuse, and there are generally fewer resources available to you. For your own well being, don’t try to face those battles alone.

First, please know that you are not alone! People across the country face the same challenges every day, whether they are parents of addicts or family members. What this means is, through time, training, and experience, the team at Family Recovery Solutions of Florida has built up a comprehensive catalogue of answers, support, and solutions intended to help specifically the parents and families of addicts. We want to help you reclaim your lives from the burden of addiction.


Fill Your Toolbox

Ultimately, our goal in starting Family Recovery Solutions of Florida is to provide you with the tools so you can learn to lead healthier lives, even as your loved one struggles with their addiction. In the end, helping yourself recover your life will put you in a better position to help the addict in your life. In order to help yourself reclaim your live from the claws of addiction, you can:

  • Attend a workshop – Family Recovery Solutions of Florida offers intensive one- and two-day workshops created specifically to help parents and families of addicts learn to handle how addiction affects them and what they can do to fight back healthfully.
  • Join an aftercare recovery program – For those who have already attended a family treatment program for addiction or substance abuse, we offer continuing help and care, which will allow you to overcome any hurdles that pop up on the road to recovery.
  • Private counseling – This is the most personalized option available to you. Get the answers and help for the specific struggles and situations your family faces as the family, friends, or parents of addicts.


Help Is Here

It’s not only the addict who needs help to overcome addiction, but the friends and families of addicts as well. Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family, so it needs to be treated this way, rather than trying to treat only the addict. In order to overcome addiction, friends and families of addicts must first learn to care for themselves. At Family Recovery Solutions of Florida, we provide the help, answers, and solutions you need to reclaim your life from addiction so you can, in turn, help the addict in your life. To get help for families of addicts, learn more about our programs here, check out our extra resources, and contact us today to join one of our workshops!