Are you ready to “Break The Cycle?”

Come join us at Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida and participate in our two-day intensive workshops; in addition, we offer seminars and individual counseling led by a certified addiction counselor. Our mission is to provide you with the reassurance that we can we make a difference together.  Your experiences in this difficult journey, shared with others, will empower you with a solution to “Break The Cycle” of enabling behaviors of your loved one’s drug addiction or alcohol abuse.

During your time with Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida, you will learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries between yourself and the addict in your life. This recovery decision is the beginning of learning how to take care yourself.  Only then can we move forward with the tools and foundation required to successfully handle the insanity of our loved one’s addictive behaviors and lifestyles.  Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida sessions ultimately give you the peace and serenity you seek and help you to always remember you have to do your part, and your part only.  You can choose to live well when you come to Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida.

Meet The Team



Phillip is a native of Greensboro, NC who graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Now residing in South Florida, Phillip has established Family Recovery Solutions Of Florida for families and individuals seeking relief from the surrounding chaos inflicted on them by a loved one in active addiction.  This is not about the alcoholic or addict; this is all about recovery for the family.

Phillip is a Certified Addiction Counselor and has been clean and sober for 27 years.  As the father of four children all in recovery, and being a recovering alcoholic himself, he understands the importance of family support when it comes to defeating substance abuse and drug addiction.  His journey has allowed him to identify with those who are experiencing the same struggles. His passion and resolve have enabled him to reach out and share his experience, strength, and hope to all who are suffering and have suffered with an active addict and alcoholic in their lives.

“Pain is inevitable, misery and suffering are optional. We have choices.”

– Phillip Causey



Lisa resides in South Florida with her two children and numerous fur kids. She is a resourceful and creative sales and marketing professional with more than 22 years of experience in the production of a newspaper and its advertising relationships. With almost seven years of experience in all facets of social media, including management in the drug and alcohol treatment industry, Lisa bases her teachings on personal and learned suggestions.  Lisa is also a CCAR-Certified Recovery Coach.

After nine years of being sober, Lisa has been able to create content to both inspire and encourage change, engaging and connecting with people across numerous social media platforms. Lisa is passionate about helping those both in and out of addiction recovery and understands, from experience, the importance of family and individual support as a recovery coach.

Lisa’s Mantra: “Love, spiritual, inspire, encourage, motivate & support to overcome & evolve.”